Arranging vs Transcribing

I think of arrangements and transcriptions as puzzles, my own form of sudoku or crosswords. They can be frustrating and it can take hours to figure out one section, but for me, it's fun! Here's why: Arranging and transcription, you'll hear both of these terms, but what is the difference? Surely they're the same thing,… Continue reading Arranging vs Transcribing

Top Tips

5 questions to ask yourself when choosing songs

Picking songs can feel daunting, here are a few things to think about when choosing them. 1. Are they suitable? Make sure that you make decisions based on the age you're catering for, the tastes of the people going to the event and if the lyrics send the message you want. For example, going down… Continue reading 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing songs

Arrangement of the week

Arrangement of the week: One Day More

After a brief break from arranging, this week we're back with 'One Day More' from Les Miserables.  I originally arranged with for a project with an unconventional mix of instruments so I thought I'd rearrange a piano quartet version. This one isn't on Sheet Music Plus, so here's the video!