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3 Add-ons you may come across

When booking live musicians, you may come across add-on fees. Here are 3 of the most common ones explained.

1. Travel

This will vary between musicians, most of us will have a certain distance that we’ll travel before charging you extra. After this, there are online calculators based on current petrol costs to make sure that we ask for a fair amount.

2. Arrangements

Arrangements take a lot of time and hard work, as well as the cost of the original music. To get a decent arrangement of your favourite song, for specific instrumentation, most likely, you’ll be asked to pay extra.

3. Extra time

We’ve spoken about this before, but if you get the musicians to play over their invoiced time, expect to be charged. There are musicians who will simply stop playing once their time is up. While this may seem a bit ruthless, it is preventing you from paying extra fees. Either way, musicians need to be paid for their time.

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