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Do I need to provide my musicians with anything on the day?

So you’ve booked your musicians and the day is all set. You’ve paid and you’ve told them what music you need from them. It’s all done now, right?

Maybe. You may need to provide some things for your musicians however. If you’re event is outside, many musicians will require some sort of cover to protect their instruments while they’re playing. If they have a lot of equipment, is there an area for them to keep cases and containers where they are out of the way whilst the musicians are performing?

If you have performers with electric instruments, is there a PA system at the event or will they need to bring their own? If they do, is there somewhere they can plug it in? If you have a string quartet coming, they will need seating. If this is going to be a problem, let them know in advance so they can bring their own.

Checking in with your musicians when they arrive is a great way of making sure that everyone has everything that they need, they know where to set up and what the timings of the day are (if these haven’t already been finalised).

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