Hi, I’m Cat, welcome to my site! I am a cellist, singer/songwriter and arranger. Whilst my main instrument is the cello, I also play piano and sing. I’m classically trained, but very heavily influenced by other genres.

When I’m not performing, I work for Leeds College of Music, supervising on the BTEC courses (across all performance pathways), supporting the cello class for Saturday Music School and Mentoring some students from the BTEC and degree courses.



I had to do a musical number at pretty short notice with a couple of people who can’t learn by ear, so I asked Cat to transcribe an arrangement I recorded (with a very short deadline!) Not only did she get everything done and sent to me before the deadline I gave her (despite the fact that I ended up having to send her the recording hours after the time I promised), but she ironed out some mistakes that I’d made in attempting to write a piano part without access to a piano! Thank you Cat!